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Lets look at Chadder & Co.’s Made in England Crusade

Your Luxury bathroom is your sanctuary, and everyone deserves a slice of luxury while relaxing in a Chadder Bath! But, do you know where your bath actually comes from?

Luxury bathroom designer, manufacturer and Chadder and Co. urge you to join their Made in England crusade and check out their beautiful traditional roll top baths, fittings and accessories – all made with high skill and attention to detail for many years – right here in our own beautiful country!

But how did this Made in England crusade begin for founder Martin Chadder?

‘When I first started collecting and restoring Antique Roll Top Baths over thirty years ago I noticed that all of the baths and fittings were stamped with Made in England, and often had the company name and county where they were made.’

‘When the source of these original Antique Baths started to run out, I was inspired to manufacture my own antique style roll top baths and fittings, and I was determined to have them Made in England!’

chadder & co manufacturing process - pouring metal

‘At Chadder and Co. we design and manufacture all our products in England, and are keen to champion the “Made in England” crusade.

By buying products which are made here you are supporting not only the UK manufacturing base but also the artisan skills which have been built up in this country over the years, and passed through the generations via apprentice schemes. If the skills and knowledge are not maintained and passed on, we lose them forever.’

chadder & co manufacturing process - name casting

Many of Chadder and Co.’s competitors sell up-market bathroom products that are manufactured in India, China and Poland. Chadder and Co. are championing an English alternative for consumers who want to invest in a luxury bathroom that is made on the traditional values of quality, skill, longevity of use and responsible sourcing.
So, after you’ve chosen your gorgeous vintage inspired, English made roll top bath, browse the company’s unique, designer bathroom accessories to give your bathroom a luxury and inspirational interior design touch. The latest product to be launched is the Made in England Lion Head Bath Filler, which roars vintage designer chic combined with classic elegance.

Used to fill a bath or a basin, the Lion Head faucet is a stunning traditional alternative to a standard tap is hand cast in brass and then polished and plated in chrome nickel, antique gold or a bespoke finish such as weathered copper chosen by you, to reflect your individual bathroom interior design tastes, from a vintage Victorian bathroom to cool and classic.

chadder & co manufacturing process - polishing


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