Luxury Roll Top Baths , Antique Baths and Tubs

Chadder and Co. offer a wide range of Luxury Roll –Top Baths and Tubs.

Years ago Traditional Baths were used purely for a Brisk wash, nowadays Baths are used for much more. Bathing is used as a way to wind down, to relax , as a way to escape the busy schedules of today’s hectic lifestyles and endless technology.

There is no better way to relax , than in a Traditional Luxury Roll Top Bath.

Antique Roll Top Baths

Chadder and Co. are able to offer over 100 Original Antique Baths, which can be re refurbished and Enamelled using our own Bath Shield Enamelling Process.

Our stock of Antique Baths is constantly changing , so always check the website for updates.

New Roll Top Baths

To supplement our Antique Bath stock, we have manufactured our own New Baths which have been Moulded for our Antique Bath Originals, we manufacture these baths for our own Process and material “Chadite”.

This allows you to benefit from the Antique look and feel , but with a number of advantages.

– Lighter weight, each Chadite Bath weighs approx. 100kg
– Warmer to the touch
– Available in a selection of Bespoke Bath finishes eg : Mosiac, Iron Age, Bronze Age


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