​When re furbishing a home the Cloakroom often gets overlooked, it has become an important room to show to guests and impress them with your style.

Often small Rooms , the space available is often limited , so choosing the correct Products which compliment each other is very Important.

Usually the limiting factor for these rooms is the location of the Toilet , so careful consideration must be given to this.

You will need to decide if you would like a High- or Low-Level Toilet Cistern, for that extra special touch we also supply Cast Metal Toilet Cisterns which you can Bespoke or Customise the Toilet Cistern, where you can have the name of the house or a Date on the Front .

If you are trying to make a real statement, consider a Throne Toilet Seat for your High level Toilet . The Throne seats are available in Mahogany or Oak is Gloss on Satin Finish .

Nickel fittings and accessories give a more luxurious look.

Accessories and a Mirror are very important finishing touches.


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